KMT Waterjet Cutting Systems

KMT Waterjet cutting equipment for flexibility and versatility integrated with water jet table systems.

Abrasive waterjet cutting and pure water only water jet machining is the fastest growing cutting processes for use by manufacturers. The combination of versatility, precision, and productivity has made the KMT intensifier pumps and cutting nozzles the number one choice for many manufacturers and engineers for cutting everything from plastic to cutting titanium. The lower cost of waterjet cutting systems as compared to laser-cutting systems has also helped popularize the use of water jet machines for ceramic cutting, cutting stone and other hard materials. For decades, pure water jet cutting has also been used to cut a variety types of food cutting, including pizza, produce, cakes, meats and all types of frozen foods.

Waterjet Cutting Metal

KMT Waterjet Cutting Systems can cut titanium steel up to 12" thick, does not require secondary finishing and leaves no heat-affected zone (HAZ).

Waterjet Cutting Stone

The rapid growth in the stone and tile industry can be attributed in part to the rapid advancement in KMT waterjet cutting technology.

Waterjet Cutting for Aerospace

Abrasive waterjet cutting has been extensively used in the aerospace industry for titanium, Inconel, brass, aluminum, and steel cutting, as well as cutting composites from 1mm to 150mm.

Waterjet Cutting for Paper & Slitting

Pure-water cutting produces a clean, very thin waterjet stream (thinner than a strand of human hair) which does not cause the material being cut to absorb water, maintaining the integrity of the paper.

Waterjet Cutting for Glass

KMT waterjet's cutting ability to generate exact, clean cuts with speed make it an efficient cutting process for the majority of thick and thin glass cutting applications.

Waterjet Cutting for Food

For decades, pure-water jets have been used as a manufacturing process to cut variety types of food, including produce, cakes, meats, granola bars, and all types of frozen food.

Waterjet Cutting for Composites

Because composites are not homogenous materials, and are reinforced for greater strength, cutting them with waterjet will not compromise the material strength or cause de-lamination.


Waterjet Cutting for Automotive

KMT robotic water jet cutting systems are extremely versatile, capable of metal and composites cutting with uneven surfaces as easily as textile and carpet cutting.