KMT Waterjet Videos/Downloads

Customer Testimonials

Cake Cutting Testimonial   4:00

Maximum Industries - Irving, TX. 3:50

Midwest Precision - Tulsa, OK. 3:00

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Metal Cutting

Cutting Aluminum - 90 & 60 KPSI. 2:18

Cutting 12" Dia. Cast Steel. 2:00

90,000 PSI Cutting .75" Alum. 2:07

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Stone Cutting

Hoffman Fixtures - Tulsa, OK. 3:00

Sawjet cutting at Stone Works. 4:28

Stone & tile cutting in Las Vegas. 4:20

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Food Cutting

Multi-head conveyor cutting celery. 1:00

Onion cutting @ 1,000 i.p.m. 1:06

Cake cutting in half the time. 4:00

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KMT Waterjet Literature PDF Downloads

KMT Waterjet Products

Download Adobe PDF's of KMT literature from high pressure pumps & cutting nozzles to valves, fittings & tubing.
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KMT Waterjet Company Information:

KMT Waterjet Company History (458kb)

KMT Introduction to Waterjet Cutting - Overview (387kb)

KMT Waterjet Cutting Contract Services (341kb)



 Waterjet Cutting Pumps Literature:

NEW! KMT STREAMLINE® PRO-III 125HP & 60HP/90,000 PSI Pump Flyer (1.2mb) 

NEW! KMT STREAMLINE® Series SL-VI 100HP/60,000 PSI Configurable Pump Flyer (1.6mb)

NEW! KMT STREAMLINE® Series SL-VI 30HP, 40HP & 50HP/60,000 PSI Configurable Pumps (1.8mb) 

NEW! KMT STREAMLINE® Series SL-VI 15HP/60,000 PSI Configurable Pump Flyer (2mb) 

NEW! KMT TRILINE Direct Drive 55,000 PSI/30 HP Pumps (1.5mb)

Waterjet Cutting Nozzles Literature (Abrasive & Water-only):

AUTOLINE® PRO 90,000psi Cutting Nozzle Flyer (339kb)

IDE® PRO 90,000psi Cutting Nozzle (1.2mb)

AQUALINE Pneumatic Water-only Cutting Valves (231kb)


Waterjet Abrasive Systems Literature:

ADS-900 Abrasive Feeder Hopper (270kb)

Feedline V Abrasive Metering System (171kb)

Interface Kits for Robotic Waterjet Cutting:

KMT Waterjet Robot Interface Kits (409kb)

Waterjet Replacement Parts Catalogs:

KMT Pump Intensifier Replacement Parts (484kb)

KMT Genuine Parts Catalog_Rev 1 (6 mb)