•   Patented valve automatically controls Pressure & Flow Rate
•   Electrical control panel with relay-based control system
•   Economical softstarter reduces demand of motor startup current
•   Emits 82dBA Sound Level: Lower than both OSHA (90dB) &NIOSH (85dBA) Daily Permissible Noise Level Exposure
•   IE3 compliant motor
•   No separate cooling water required
•   Adjustable high and low pressure
•   Power transmission operates motor to topworks with easy to maintain belt and pulley drive system

New KMT TRILINE™ Direct Drive Waterjet Pumps - EFFICIENT & ECONOMICAL 55,000psi CUTTING

With the New TRILINE™ Direct Drive high pressure pump, KMT Waterjet Systems has expanded our product line by KMT TRILINE-Direct Drive-Waterjet Cutting PUMP Machineadding an alternative pump technology to the KMT portfolio.  

The TRILINE™ pump has an excellent cost of ownership value and can be used as a stand-alone unit for everyday cutting needs.


Efficiency for Everyday Cutting

The TRILINE™ high pressure pump with Direct Drive technology, is best used as a continuous duty water pressure generator.
The TRILINE™ has a small footprint and it’s high efficiency at continuous operation is ideal for small job shops performing conventional shapecutting. 


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