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PaR Systems' Vector® Waterjet Cutting System is a fully integrated 5 axis cutting system using high pressure water & abrasive to cut virtually any material. Having 5 axis waterjet cutting using integrated motion allows the cutting head to maintain tool normality to the part surface maintaining part accuracy. PaR’s 5 axis waterjet systems are used in the aerospace & boat building industries.

The Adaptive Manufacturing System from PaR Systems... precision aerospace equipment with FANUC robot flexible fixturing and multi-purpose head for scalable robotic part fixturing & multiple part loading. This workhorse also includes the KMT Streamline 100HP waterjet cutting pump with redundant intensifiers for 6-Axis trimming, 5-Axis drilling, 5-Axis machining, 5-Axis chamfering, 6-Axis part scanning, part cleaning, an integrated tool rack, spindle tool verification, x & y linear motors, a high resolution digital video camera and laser profilometer calibration.

The PaR Vector® waterjet 5 axis cutting system is available in two standard sizes: 6' x 10' and 8' x 12' with a 2' or 3' mast.

PaR Systems' Vector® Waterjet Cutting Systems 

PaR Vector® Cutting Systems Features:
• Controlled by CIMROC® 5/21 controller
• Precision motion control
• PC-based, open architecture controller
• Windows® operating system
• Teach pendant to allow manual positioning
• Perform full 4 x 4 part transformations
• Accurately reposition parts in the work envelope
• Ideal for long parts and adjustable fixturing