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Glassline Corporation is located in Perrysburg, OH USA and we are
primarily a machinery manufacturing company for the glass industry.

The Glassline core division is the premiere U.S.-based manufacturer for the glass fabrication industry. Our product line includes nearly all types of machines needed for fabricating flat glass, including cutting & breaking, grinding, drilling, printing, and handling machines & systems. Our equipment can be installed as stand-alone machines, or can be integrated into complete lines. We are known for producing heavy-duty, high performance equipment that will provide many, many years of service.


Glassline Waterjet Machinery Features:

• Configurations available in X-Y gantry, Polar, etc.

• Complete tank separation from CNC machine, for easier build, shipping & maintenance

• Retraction of the cutting heads away from the tank for easier automated loading and unloading

• Transmission components away from the cutting/tank area