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Breton USA has grown and ascertained itself on the market thanks to
its winning philosophy dedicated to research and development, ongoing
improvement, innovation and high-quality products and services.

All mechanical, electronic and electric design is developed in-house in order to ensure a total technological control. A team of engineers and specialized technicians ensures ongoing product development. Machine design is developed utilizing the modern CAD-CAE technology to ensure fast results.


Breton COMBICUT DJ/NC combines and alternates the cutting with diamond disk and Waterjet













Breton USA Waterjet Features:

• Numerical control, 3-5 axes waterjet
• NC articulated diamond disc combined
with waterjet cutting for curved line
 & complex cutting

• Articulated contol panel mounting
easily moves out of the way when working

• Automated work table changeover
• I.T.C.™ system corrects the natural
tapering of the cut