KMT Precision Waterjet Cutting Products

Since 1971, KMT Waterjet Systems has been a global leader in waterjet technology and water jet machinery. For decades, KMT has manufactured water jet ultra high pressure intensifier pumps (UHP) with water pressurized up to 90,000 psi. Our products are efficient and reliable, whether is it pure water cutting heads or abrasive waterjet pumps, KMT products are easier to maintain with no effect of heat on the products being cut.

Our line of waterjet intensifier pumps, pure water only or abrasive waterjet cutting nozzles, abrasive management systems, and waterjet parts/components are integrated with OEM waterjet machines, that have been proven reliable by thousands of worldwide customers using waterjet technology. KMT water jet cutters are ideal for cutting stone, glass, ceramic tile, granite, food, textiles, rubber, and foam, along with many other solutions. From steel cutting to paper cutting, almost no other technology provides this level of precision. Water jet technology makes cutting granite and metal cutting as smooth as cutting foam.  Download the KMT Waterjet Products catalog » (5.4 mb)

KMT Streamline PRO 90,000 PSI Pumps

KMT Waterjet Systems has launched the Future of Waterjet Technology with the introduction of the KMT Streamline PRO 90,000psi Waterjet Pump.

KMT Streamline® SL-V 60,000 PSI Pumps

KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V systems use the latest technology and a very smart design for ease of use, reliability and convenience.



KMT Streamline® SL-V & NEOLine® 55,000 PSI Pumps

For efficient production of 55,000 psi water pressure, at a very economical price.

KMT Abrasive Cutting Nozzles

Abrasive waterjet cutting nozzles are for applications which include titanium, steel, glass, tile, brass, aluminum, and stone cutting, as well as many other materials.


KMT Water-Only Cutting Valves

Water-only cutting applications are found in the food industry (vegetables, frozen foods) rubber, soft composites, textile, fabric, paper, foam, leather, and much more.

In the late 1970s, the addition of garnet abrasives to plain waterjet extended the functionality of the process much further than anyone had previously imagined. While water-only works well for cutting softer, lighter materials such as food and paper, abrasive waterjet drastically extends the range of materials that water jet technology can accommodate. This includes everything from marble cutting to cutting metals, tile, aluminum, glass, and more.

The traditional disadvantage of abrasive waterjet is cost, but cutting systems that can regulate the amount of abrasive used in cutting offer an advantage over less precise systems. KMT Waterjet abrasive feeder systems eliminate costly abrasive waste by controlling the flow of the abrasive and allowing for maximum system efficiency.

KMT Abrasive Feeders

KMT Waterjet Abrasive Metering Systems eliminate costly abrasive waste by controlling the flow of the abrasive and allowing for maximum system efficiency.

KMT Abrasive Delivery Systems (ADS) Hoppers

KMT ADS Series Abrasive Hoppers are available in 500 & 2,000 LB. capacities, and are easily re-filled during the cutting process---no need to stop cutting!


KMT Genuine Parts

Avoid the costly delays of faulty parts with KMT Genuine Parts that meet the specifications dictated by the original equipment.