KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V Series 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar Pumps


KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V systems use the latest technology and a very smart design for ease of use, reliability and   Request a Quote KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V Series 60,000 psi Pumpsconvenience. The result is a system that delivers highest efficiency and profit.

KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar pumps are available in a range of horsepower sizes: 15, 30, 50, 100 & 200.

Our full-featured, SL-V pumps are available in more sizes and with new “Cutting Edge” options available only from KMT Waterjet. These pumps are the easiest to maintain and the most advanced Streamline® pumps ever offered. Seals last over 1,000 hours, depending on pressure and water quality – longer than any other system – for continuous operation for the most demanding production schedules.
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SL-V Intensifier:  The Source of Pressure

  • Reduced maintenance results from the longer (about 8"/20 cm) stroke which moves more volume allowing a slowStreamline SL-V Waterjet Intensifier for waterjet cuttinger stroke rate, extending the life of seals. 
  • “One-Step” Seal Replacement – Hydraulic and high pressure seals can be replaced in one operation with little downtime.
  • Electronic shifting provides smoother, more reliable shifting for a more leak-free operation.


The KMT Waterjet SL-V line represents the culmination of several technological advancements:

  • Complete Redundancy – Because a single intensifier produces all of the needed pressure, adding an optional redundant system for continuous production of 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar is a simple operation.
  • More Ergonomic Design – From the see-through top cover, which opens on both sides, to the high pressure intensifier, which can be disassembled in parts or one side at a time, extreme convenience was a high priority during design.
  • Better Software Features – High-tech software and built-in sensors provide protection and immediate access to information. More control and information is available faster.
  • Long-term Competitiveness – The SL-V pumps were designed with the latest technology to provide a competitive edge that will last long into the future.