KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE® SL-VI Series 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar Configurable Pumps

The Right Solution for Every Application

KMT Waterjet Systems is pleased to announce the production and availability of the new KMT STREAMLINE® SL-VI Series Pump. The first release of the STREAMLINE® SL-VI Series is available with horsepower offerings of 30, 40, 50 & 100 at 60,000 PSI.  The SL-VI Series is a configurable designed water jet pump that can be custom built based on a variety of options to meet your cutting solution requirements.

In addition to the flexibility of the configurable design, some key
features & benefits include:PLC SCREENS

  • Proven Technology   STREAMLINE® SL-VI uses intensifier technology that has millions of operational usage hours
  • Configurable Design   Variety of choices to meet OEM and customer requirements
  • High Pressure Intensifiers  60,000psi redundant topworks*
  • Horsepower Selection   30hp, 40hp, 50hp and 100hp
  • Top Cover Guard Interlock Design*   Meets EN ISO13849-1 Safety Performance Standard PLa rating
  • Power Factor Correction*   Reduce electrical demand and operating costs
  • IE3 and NEMA Premium Motor Design   Optimized motor efficiency, reduced electrical consumption
  • Siemens PLC Based Electrical Panel   Universal design for global network support
  • Redesigned Electrical Panel   Separation of High Voltage & Low Voltage sections to meet IEC/EN 60204-1 Standards

Over 40 years ago, KMT launched waterjet cutting with cutting nozzles and the STREAMLINE® SL-I pump delivering cutting pressure up to 55,000 PSI/3,800 bar.  As waterjet technology demand grew, KMT released advanced precision cutting nozzles and pumps from the STREAMLINE® SL-II leading to the STREAMLINE® SL-VI Series.



KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE® SL-VI systems use the latest technology and a very smart design for ease of SL-VI-50-100HP-WATERJET-PUMPSuse, reliability and convenience. The result is a system that delivers highest efficiency and profit.

KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE® SL-VI 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar pumps are available in 30, 40, 50 & 100 horsepower & can be custom built for your cutting solution requirements.

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The KMT STREAMLINE® SL-VI 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar pump is also available in a compact 15 horsepower model, uses minimal water consumption and is ideal for food cutting applications.

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STREAMLINE® SL-VI Intensifier for Reliable Waterjet Cutting

SL-VI Intensifier: The Source of Pressure
SL-VI Intensifier: The Source of Pressure
• Reduced maintenance results from the longer (about 8"/20 cm) stroke which moves more volume allowing a slower stroke rate, extending the life of seals.

• “One-Step” Seal Replacement – Hydraulic and high pressure seals can be replaced in one operation with little downtime.

• Electronic shifting provides smoother, more reliable shifting for a more leak-free operation.



AUTOLINE® PRO - High Speed, Self-aligning, Cutting Nozzle!Autoline II Cutting Head
Independent tests prove the KMT AUTOLINE® PRO abrasive cutting nozzle cuts faster and at a lower cost than any other nozzle. Tests performed by the Missouri University of Science & Technology showed that the AUTOLINE® PRO design achieved the best overall cutting performance for speed and efficiency.

In all abrasive cutting heads, there are three areas of wear: the orifice, the mixing chamber, and the focusing tube. The AUTOLINE PRO enables the individual replacement of any wear component, maximizing efficiency to achieve the lowest operating cost. 

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IDE® PRO - Take Your Cutting Head to the Next Level!IDE Waterjet Cutting Nozzle

The KMT Integral Diamond Eductor consistently demonstrates superior performance and reduced operating cost when compared to competitive brand abrasive cutting heads.

KMT’s expertise in diamond orifice manufacturing brings you a superior one piece cutting head that has revolutionized the waterjet cutting industry.

  • Up to 50% more productivity-no maintenance down time
  • 10 to 20 times greater mean time between failure
  • Superior edge quality

Reduced Operating Cost
The integral diamond orifice reduces operating costs with faster cutting, extended focusing tube life and dramatically reduced downtime. The KMT Integral Diamond Eductor II has demonstrated 1000+ cutting hours in the field for many applications. For more information on the operating costs and cutting speeds download the IDE® PRO Diamond Cutting Nozzle Flyer (1.4 mb) »




Proven Performance at Extreme Pressures AQUALINE® WATER-ONLY CUTTING NOZZLES

Pure water cutting applications are among the most demanding of subcontracting jobs in the industry. Pure water cutting applications usually work with significantly higher cutting speeds compared to those of abrasive cutting.

The high pressure AQUALINE® PRO nozzles are designed to be used in a wide range of applications, including high-speed robotic motion systems, high-volume slitting operations and demanding, custom-cutting operations, and deliver greater performance for longer production runs with many on-off cycles.

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FEEDLINE V Abrasive Metering System - Optimized Abrasive ConsumptionKMT Waterjet Feedline V Abrasive Metering

Stable and repeatable operating parameters are a fundamental requirement for high-quality waterjet cutting. This applies in particular to abrasive applications used to cut brittle materials, where a constant flow of abrasive is simply a must.

KMT Waterjet Systems responded to this demand by developing the FEEDLINE V abrasive metering system. Controlled through a central CNC controller or a potentiometer, the FEEDLINE V supplies the cutting head with the optimized flow of abrasive. This helps save material and costs.

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FEEDLINE PRECISION - Variable Control Dial for Precision and Flexibility

The FEEDLINE PRECISION variable dial control abrasive vessel has a full spectrum dial, notched in 1/10 lb. increments, to deliver precise flow control of abrasive from 0 to 2-1/2 lbs./min. for cutting a variety of materials and thicknesses. The innovative Dial-It-In feature delivers flexible, economical and accurate delivery of abrasive to the cutting nozzle.

Because the FEEDLINE PRECISION delivers an easily adjustable, accurate feed of abrasive, greater efficiencies are achieved and costs are reduced.

Download the FEEDLINE PRECISION Flyer (1.1 mb) » 

ADS SERIES HOPPERS - Continuous Level Monitoring for Efficient Production ProcessKMT Waterjet ADS SERIES HOPPERS Abrasive delivery

The KMT ADS SERIES HOPPERS precisely monitor the availability of sufficient abrasive closely during the entire cutting process. This protects your valuable material from damage due to lack of abrasive and saves unnecessary costs and time.

KMT ADS SERIES HOPPERS are available in 9lb. sizes and loading areas allow individual 100 lb. bags of abrasive to be fed through the integrated sieve lid. It is easily accessible and the abrasive can be loaded, even while cutting, by only removing the top cover. The integrated sieve ensures that no contaminated particles maybe loaded.

LOAD ABRASIVE WHILE CUTTING! (No need to stop cutting to add more abrasive)

Download the ADS SERIES HOPPERS Flyer (207 kb) »

VALVES, FITTINGS & TUBING (VFT)KMT Waterjet  PSC valves, fittings and tubing

The KMT line of VFT were designed to work with the KMT STREAMLINE line pumps and other ultra high pressure applications. 

The KMT Series of 60,000 PSI/4100 bar valves, fittings and tubing are made for durability, precision under pressure and stocked for quick delivery.