KMT Waterjet abrasive water jet cutting nozzles

For cutting stainless steel, cutting metal, cutting copper, cutting titanium and similar hard materials that cannot be machined with water only, KMT Waterjet abrasive waterjet cutting nozzles provide the most advanced alignment technology for precision cutting with minimal kerf while holding tolerances up to +/-.003"/.076 mm.

The high velocity waterjet creates a vacuum which pulls the abrasive into a mixing chamber, producing a coherent, extremely energetic abrasive jet stream. This process is ideal for cutting steel up to 12"/30 cm, cutting intricate patterns in sheet metals, titanium, composites, decorative stone, synthetic ceramics, glass, and much more!

KMT Waterjet IDE® II

The KMT Waterjet IDE® II (Integrated Diamond Eductor) Assembly Diamond Abrasive Cutting Nozzle is rated for pressures up to 60,000 PSI/4,137 bar, and is a KMT IDE® waterjet nozzlebreakthrough in simplicity & peak performance.  The IDE® diamond orifice assembly performs 10-20 times better over sapphires or rubies and is guaranteed for 500 hours*! (*When used with the Short Stop Filter)

Finally! A cutting head with the fewest possible parts making performance simple and reliable.

Now, the only pieces which need to be replaced are the focusing tubes and head body. Each IDE® Water Jet Nozzle has a permanently mounted diamond and mixing chamber and each includes the removable abrasive inlet, focusing tube retaining nut, retaining ring and high pressure filter element. 

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IDE® PRO - The Next Generation in Ultra High Pressure Diamond Abrasive Cutting!

The KMT 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar, Integral Diamond Eductor PRO, which has achieved successful

KMT 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar, Integral Diamond Eductor PRO

cutting performance at 100,000 PSI/6,895 bar, consistently demonstrates superior performance and reduced operating cost.

KMT’s expertise in diamond orifice manufacturing brings you a superior one piece cutting head that has revolutionized the waterjet cutting industry.

  • Up to 50% more productivity-no maintenance down time
  • 10 to 20 times greater mean time between failure
  • Superior edge quality

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