KMT Water jet Systems FEEDLINE V Electronic Metering System provides Optimized Abrasive Consumption for Customized Waterjet Cutting Applications

KMT Waterjet FEEDLINE V system
Stable and repeatable operating parameters are a fundamental requirement for high-quality water jet cutting. KMT Waterjet Systems responded to this demand by developing the FEEDLINE V abrasive metering system. Controlled through a central CNC controller or a potentiometer, the FEEDLINE V supplies the cutting nozzle with the optimized flow of abrasive, saving material and costs.

The KMT Waterjet FEEDLINE V system supplies the cutting head with a constant metered quantity of abrasive. Without this controlled supply, the mixing chamber for abrasive, air and water would become clogged up. With the FEEDLINE V, this is effectively prevented.

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The KMT FEEDLINE PRECISION® Abrasive Metering System is an economical and reliable option for accurate delivery of abrasive to the cutting nozzle.

The KMT FEEDLINE PRECISION® abrasive vessel features a variable dial for accurate control of abrasive. The fulFEEDLINE PRECISION variable dial control abrasive vessel.l spectrum dial, notched in 1/10 lb. (.05 kg) increments, to deliver precise flow control of abrasive from 0 to 2-1/2 lbs.(1.13 kg)/min. for cutting a variety of materials and thicknesses. The innovative Dial-It-In feature delivers flexible, economical and accurate delivery of abrasive to the cutting nozzle.

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